Costa’s New Gluten Free Wrap

The Coeliac community on Twitter has been buzzing over the last few weeks following the announcement that Costa Coffee have launched a new savoury option- the Chicken & Basil gluten free wrap, made using a seeded wrap from Newburn Bakehouse.

The timing was great, as just a few days later I was shopping in Surbiton with no quick lunch options, so I popped into Costa and picked up the wrap while my boyfriend grabbed his own sandwich. It was great to be able to pick both up in the one shop, rather than having to try a few places to find something suitable for me to eat.


I love the packaging- it’s obviously gluten free as it shows the crossed grain symbol but it’s not a completely different to their other packaging so you don’t fee like you’re buying something different. Nothing worse than seeing someone turn their nose up at something just because they can see it’s gluten-free and it looks different.

It’s made up from one of the seeded wraps, which is then cut in half. The filling tastes great, although with basil as the main ingredient it definitely could have been more flavoursome. The combination did work but I found it a little dry. I was mostly disappointed that the wrap I had picked up was underfilled, which you can see in the photo below. For £3.75, I do expect it to be filled properly! A few people on Twitter have had the same issue, so maybe some more quality control is required Costa?

Costa Wrap

Overall, it’s fantastic to see Costa finally listening to our pleas and providing a savoury option, that’s easily available on the go. I’d happily buy one again when I’m out and about, I just hope next time I’m a little luckier!

For more information on their wrap, see their press release here.


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