Honest Burgers (and Snowflake Gelato)

Back in February I met up with Kevin from Gluten Free by The Sea and his lovely wife Abby in London, for a yummy gluten free dinner before us two ladies headed off to see Taylor Swift (which, by the way, was amazing!). Anyone who knows Kevin will know how much he loves Honest Burgers, and since I’ve never been we decided to go there.

It was a decision well made.

Honest Burgers isn’t a completely gluten free restaurant, but all of their burgers, including the vegetarian fritter,ย  are gluten free and are served with delicious buns. Their chips are cooked separately to anything else and even the onion rings (made with red onion, so delicious) are gluten free, such a novelty for Coeliacs! HonestBurgers_Food

I’m not a massive fan of meat and loved that I could actually have a vegetarian burger here so I chose the vegetable fritter, made with cauliflower, sweetcorn, shallots, spices, coriander and served with a cucumber yoghurt. Granted this probably isn’t as delicious as a beef burger but I loved every bite! The bun, which comes from the WAG bakery was equally good and didn’t fall apart the minute you touched it. The chips are quite possibly the BEST I’ve ever had and I can’t say how happy I was to be able to enjoy onion rings again! They even have gluten free Estrella Daura gluten free beer available if you fancy it.



My fritter (vegetarian option) burger with the rosemary salted fries and the glorious gluten free red onion rings!




Two things to note about their restaurants- they’re quite small and they don’t take bookings, so be aware that you may need to put your name down and wait for a table during their busier times. They also sometimes have specials which contain gluten- whilst they take care to avoid cross contamination, there’s still a risk so it’s up to you whether you’re comfortable or not. I’d suggest checking their Twitter page or phoning ahead to find out what’s on.

I strongly recommend that any visitors to London visit one of their restaurants- you can choose between Soho, Brixton, Camden, Portobello, Kings Cross and Oxford Circus. You won’t be disappointed!



Last weekend I dragged my boyfriend and two friends to the Soho restaurant after a day at Notting Hill Carnival. I was desperate to get myself back there and having mentioned burgers, my friends were equally keen. One is actually a vegetarian and really enjoyed the veggie fritter, which we both had. Great service and food once more, so thank you!

As we paid the bill we asked the waitress if she could recommend any dessert places nearby, as we were all craving something sweet. She mentioned a Gelato place just round the corner, so we headed along with our mouths watering, to Snowflake.


Straight away we noticed the vegetarian signage for my friend which was great, but I had to question the staff regarding gluten free. I was advised that all sorbets are safe and the same with the gelato, however closer inspection showed that some gelato’s had biscuit in them! They do however have a wheat symbol on the label, so they are marked up but clearly the staff need a little more training. I was impressed to be pointed in the direction of a tub of cones on top of the counter, all marked ‘Senza Glutine’. YAY! Promptly I ordered a single scoop gluten free cone topped with a chocolate and hazelnut gelato.

It was SO good!!



So, if you’re heading into Soho for a quick Honest Burger, then definitely head just round the corner into Wardour Street for your gluten free dessert.


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