Glutafin’s Chocolate Fudge Cake

My boyfriend loves a good old chocolate fudge Sundae as a dessert when we eat out. So of course being the lovely girlfriend I am I promised to make a gluten free one that we could both enjoy. Scouring the internet and Twitter brought me to this Glutafin
recipe, perfect because my Grandparents had picked up some of their goodies from the local hospital during Coeliac Awareness Week and I was planning to bake at their house.


I can’t remember what chocolate fudge cake should taste like,  but my god this cake is amazing!! So thick, creamy and sweet,  it’d be perfect cut up and popped into an ice cream Sundae,  or even just enjoyed with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side. My boyfriend devoured it and was amazed by how good it was, as we’re the family, friends and colleagues I shared it with who couldn’t believe it was gluten free.

I followed the recipe exaxtly, but as it wasn’t specified which to use  I used dark muscovado sugar. I also used just half of the icing as there’s a lot, but depending on your preference there’s definitely room for the full amount they state.


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