Veggie Good Houmous Starbucks Wrap

Following the launch of Costa Coffee’s new gluten free wrap, Starbucks were hot on their heels with their own version,  the Veggie Good Houmous wrap. Both are made using seeded wraps by Newburn Bakehouse, so really it’s only the fillings that are in competition. You can read the press release for the Starbucks Wrap here and the Costa press release here.

This new wrap has been a little more elusive for me but having popped to the shops early yesterday I was able to grab one before other gluten free people snaffled them up!

I did have a little mix up with the server,  who totted off with my wrap to heat it up when I’d said not to, but luckily I stopped her before she put it on the grill. The cross contamination alarm bells were ringing in my head and I’ve now contacted their customer services to fund out about the controls they have in place (I’ll update this post with their response).

As the packaging had been thrown away I was given the wrap in a paper bag and worried it would fall apart as I continued shopping,  but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the bag and the wrap was fully intact.





Now on to the taste. I LOVE houmous and was excited that it’s used in wrap, but unfortunately the lemony flavour they’ve gone with just doesn’t work- it’s like a mild backing to the taste of the vegetables. The chunks of courgettes are odd in the wrap,  almost too big but it’s the shredded carrot that takes center stage here. In fact, it was all I could taste!! The filling is a nice concept but the flavours feel mismatched and certainly don’t come through as they should.

The wrap is however nicely filled, much more so than my wrap from Costa. It was also nicely tucked up at the bottom so the filling didn’t fall out- considering how much was in there.





Overall, the filling and flavour of this wrap left me underwhelmed and I think the flavours definitely need a re-think. It’s great to have another option readily available on the high street but on this occasion the wrap from Costa wins for me.

The wrap is available in 750 stores across the UK and costs £3.99.


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