GF Tweet Up- Vozar’s Brixton

Now this is a very late post (we visited in February) and I apologise, but I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to share this fantastic restaurant with you, even if it is a bit belated…

Many of you may have seen on Twitter that there’s a group of bloggers who like to meet up occasionally and enjoy a damn good gluten free meal, me included. This year the arrangements fell to me and following some voting from the group, we chose to go to Vozar’s restaurant in Brixton Market, London.


Vozar’s is the brainchild of Martin, the executive chef. This is taken from their own website:

‘At Vozars, we started as a pop-up to showcase CELIA Organic lager, a rare product that has been made to taste better thanks to being gluten-free.

In ode to this we serve mouthwatering food that crosses global cuisines but has one thing in common – it is better thanks to being gluten free.  From fresh baked quiches and home-made sandwiches to duck confit and venison burger served in a brioche bun Vozars takes pride in exceeding expectations.

We have one of the best spots in the London food scene, in the heart of the buzzing Brixton Village and are proud to be the first café and restaurant in London that is fully wheat and gluten free.’


Martin was a fantastic help, emailing me the menus and coming up with a special offer for our party. When the menu changed and the gluten free scotch eggs were no longer an offering, he kindly agreed to add them to our special menu so that we could still enjoy them- just an example of their fantastic service!

All booked up, 13 of us headed off to Brixton Market on a chilly Saturday night. Brixton Market is undercover with lots of tiny shops and restaurants dotted around inside. We were greeted with a nice cold bottle of Celia Lager– another creation of Martin’s and settled down to chat outside for a bit as we waited for people to arrive We were even greeted individually by Martin himself which was lovely. When we were all ready, we headed inside the tiny restaurant and squeezed around the table- one thing to note is that this restaurant is tiny, so if you head there you’re likely to get a table outside in the undercover market instead.





Once seated, the menu was explained to us by Martin and his lovely waitress (sorry- I’ve completely forgotten your name!), which was helpful as some of the group had multiple intolerances. There were no issues tweaking the menu slightly and everyone was reassured that they could have a tasty safe meal. The menu had so many options that it was incredibly difficult to choose, but it just goes to show that once someone puts their mind to it, fantastic gluten free dishes can be created!

Armed with our (sometimes second) bottles of Celia, we chose our starters and mains and discussed all things gluten free, from diagnosis stories to supermarket horrors, on to product recommendations.  It’s so lovely for our group to get together and to talk about Coeliac things with people who completely understand, people who can share their experiences and offer the advice that you can struggle to get elsewhere. Some of us have met before at previous Tweet Ups and food shows whilst some others never have met in person but have been Twitter friends for a long time. If you were to tell a friend or family member that you’re heading into London to meet a bunch of complete strangers, well most would think you’re mad. But for us, it’s exciting and completely not scary at all. It’s refreshing, fun and most of all tasty!

Our starters arrived and we were all pretty amazed! The scotch eggs were huge and looked delicious, whilst the chicken strips that I had gone for were exactly as I remembered from pre-Coeliac days, in fact they were better. We all ended up sharing and tasting each others dishes which was nice too.




I honestly could have gone for pretty much all of the starters, as they came out and we ate they all looked and smelt so fantastic! We had our mains still to come though and we were not disappointed! After the advice from the staff that the burgers were ‘special and amazing’ I decided to go for this. It’s so rare for me to actually get a burger with a bun that I was so excited!! It didn’t disappoint….







Everyone was satisfied with their choices too, in fact I don’t think there was a disappointed face to be found! A sample copy of the menu can be found here, although this does change so to avoid disappointment get in touch with the restaurant first!


Some of us had room left for dessert, myself one of them. Their Wag Free dessert options are kept in the fridge in the restaurant window so I had been lusting over them since I arrived. They had a selection of individual sponge cakes, pastries and even homemade gluten free Twix and Wagon Wheels! I chose the white chocolate and coconut cake which was to die for. I struggled to finish it after such a  filling meal so I had the remainder wrapped up for me to take home. I also took a Twix home but completely forgot to photograph it. I can assure you that it would be worth the trip to Brixton alone!



The food throughout the evening was fantastic, such good quality and it’s refreshing to have a whole menu completely gluten free. Not once did we worry about cross contamination, or have to double check that actually, the amazing looking bun is gluten free and they haven’t got ours mixed up with someone elses dish (the bun is from Wag Free if anyone is wondering- they’re now partnered with Vozar’s). We ate, drank, laughed and had a thoroughly enjoyable night. I can’t thank Martin and his team enough for their assistance and attention to detail that made our night wonderful.

If you’re in London make sure you add Vozar’s to your list because you won’t be disappointed! in fact, they often have Pop-Up evenings where they focus on a specific cuisine.  I’ve not managed to get to one yet myself but I’ve heard brilliant things!


A big thanks to these lovely people for their company during the Tweet Up!

Ann & Steve of Perk!erTwitter

Carly – Gluten Free B–  Twitter

Flo – Twitter

Alison – Barmy Cakes – Twitter

David – Twitter

Kelly- GF Cake LoverTwitter

Kim – Naturally Gluten Free – Twitter

Sian – Gluten Free Mrs DTwitter

Charlotte – Charlotte’s Cupcake CornerTwitter

Laura – Little Missed GlutenTwitter

Petra – Gluten Free Zones –  Twitter



4 thoughts on “GF Tweet Up- Vozar’s Brixton

  1. Vikki Cook

    Wow!!! I haven’t been lucky enough to come across Vozar’s yet (I live in Dorset and rarely make it to London) but a gluten free Twix?!!? AND Wagon Wheels!? Definitely going to have to find them next time I get out that way!!

  2. Amie

    I really enjoyed reading this article. Being a restaurant owner myself with a big emphasis on gluten free for the Coeliac group, made me think of hosting something like this.

    Thanks for sharing,



    • coeliacdelight

      Hi Amir,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I’m glad you liked the post 🙂 although Vozar’s is completely gluten free on a daily basis, meet ups like these are definitely popular with Coeliacs! Check out Annie’s Supper club in Kent, she’s always booked up!

      I think if you did run these events you’d find yourself in high demand. Get in touch with local bloggers and the local Coeliac group to reach out to more people. Good luck!

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