New delights from Mrs Crimbles

There’s been a lot of Twitter talk over the last week since Mrs Crimble’s announced the arrival of two brand new products to their range. I was in contact with their PR team who very kindly sent me some samples to try and review for the blog. Here they are…. Country Fruit Slices and Zesty Lemon Slices.


Mrs Crimble’s is a long established gluten free company providing sweet and savoury foods that are perfect for lunch boxes,  picnics, parties or just to accompany a cup of tea. My Grandad (who isn’t Coeliac), absolutely loves their macaroons and often heads to their local farm shop to grab a pack, whether I’m visiting or not! I’ve found that their snacks are great nibbles and perfect to take to a party as gluten free nibbles,  or into the office so I’m not left out when it comes to cake in team meetings!

I’m also a life long fan of those delicious Mr Kipling cake slices of old, so these products are a really exciting addition to the range for me. Can they live up to the pre – Coeliac favourites though?


I was super excited to receive this gorgeous package in the post. The slices looked even more tasty having been presented so well and I couldn’t wait to get home with GBBO and  cuppa to try them!

The main packaging as always is gorgeous. It’s fun and bright but doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, nor does it have free from plastered on the front. Instead, it simply says in a small symbol ‘Deliciously gluten free’. I love this as it’s subtle but gets the message across well, without alienating non – Coeliacs.

First of all I tried the Country Fruit Slice. I’ve never been the biggest fan of fruit cake, instead preferring to pick the icing off the top and leave the cake. But this cake is very different, in that although it’s filled with fruit pieces it’s still light and moist. It has thin pastry base which helps to give texture and prevent too much crumbling, and is topped with gorgeously sweet icing droplets to finish it off. I was really impressed with how much I enjoyed it!

The Zesty Lemon slices….wow! They taste exactly as I remember Mr Kipling slices to be, and they’re deliciously sweet and moist. The icing is finished the slice with a pretty finish, although it is harder than I expected which is possibly why mine fell apart so easily in the post. However, it’s a great accompaniment to the cake in both great taste and the overall look ( and I do love a bit of icing left over at the end of the cake). My only criticism is that they were almost too moist, making it hard to pick them out of the packaging without them breaking up. Having said that, I’d rather an over moist cake than a dry one so it’s only a small criticism. Oh, and I think they need to be bigger….you can never have enough of a lemon slice! 😉

Overall my favourite is the Zesty Lemon slice, as it was my absolute favourite growing up. But the Country Fruit Slice had totally changed my view on fruit cake and I’d be more than happy to enjoy this ad a little treat. It makes a damn nice change from chocolate brownies!

I would also suggest that like Mr Kipling have done, it would be great to have the slices packed into little packets of two inside the box. It’s rare that I would eat more than two slices of cake in one go or even in one week, so the separated packaging would help to keep the remaining slices fresh until I’m ready to eat them. Mini packets are also fantastic for breaking out when you have a friend over for a coffee, or they could even be sold in coffee shops! I understand that Mrs Crimble’s are planning individually packed slices as well as the packs of four, so fingers crossed we see these available soon.

I’m really delighted that Mrs Crimble’s have launched gluten free versions of our old favourites, and rather than being disappointed that yet more unnecessary sugary products are filling the supermarket shelves, I’m happy to say I will definitely be buying these in the future. You’ll find me curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a Zesty Lemon slice with #GBBO tonight…..

Both products are hitting shelves near you soon, as they have already been picked up and stocked by Nisa and other wholesalers have placed their orders. Available in packs of four, both products will retail for around £1.89 per pack.


2 thoughts on “New delights from Mrs Crimbles

  1. Lizzy

    Ah i already love the chocolate macaroons, so will have to try the lemon slices- they sounds delicious. I’m the same as you- fruit cake doesn’t usually tickle my fancy

    Lizzy at Nomad Notebook

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