GF Doughnuts!!! From Feel Free

In August I was contacted to see if I’d like to be one of the first people to try a new gluten free product by free from company,  Feel Free. I was delighted to be asked and of course said yes, only for my excitement to be multiplied by a thousand when they said this product would be gluten free doughnuts!

God, I cannot tell you how much I miss doughnuts. They were a real treat for me, whether it be for a team meeting at work, standing in the queue at Thorpe Park (you all know the ones I mean) or grabbing a sneaky Krispy Kreme whilst shopping. Now whenever we visit Tesco my boyfriend always has a couple as his treat, whilst I sulk well away from that delicious smell wishing I could have just one bite…

So you can see why I’m so excited to try these!


Feel Free isn’t a new brand in the Free From market but has become better known over the last year or so. Starred in 2004 by a diagnosed Coeliac, they wanted to create gluten free products of a high standard that are suitable for everyone to eat, not just those following a gluten free lifestyle.

These doughnuts were first sampled at the Allergy and Free From Show in London back in July, and following the positive feedback from visitors Feel Free decided to go ahead and launch them as soon as possible. Made from potato and rice starch, these sugared ring doughnuts are free from gluten and wheat but do contain egg and milk. They are sold in packs of four and come frozen and can be kept up to six months, meaning they’re handy for when you fancy something sweet or have a guest visiting.


Inside the box these are individually wrapped, making them easy to take out one at a time. They should be defrosted for up to an hour before eating and then it’s recommended to heat then in the microwave for thirty seconds to enjoy them warm. I let mine defrost but we don’t have a microwave, so I popped them in the oven on a low temperature for 5 minutes until they were nice and warm.

*Note* It’s a good idea to flip these over once they’re out of the oven/microwave or transfer them to a different plate. The heat from the plate I’d warmed them on cause the bottom to go a little wet and the sugar to stick to the plate!


WOW. Just wow. It’s pretty hard to think of a better way to describe these, particularly as this is all I kept saying! I couldn’t believe the smell as I was heating them up- I could have easily been at the seaside or Thorpe Park as they smell exactly the same. That delicious warm, sugary, doughy smell that sets your mouth watering.


But then we get on to the taste. As I took my first bite I was concerned that these would be dry, particularly as the outside is more crisp than I remember of a doughnut,  but I need not have worried. The dough inside is SO soft, it completely melts in your mouth, with a slight crunch from the sugar coating that is deliciously sweet. I couldn’t wait to take another bite!


I tried to savour them as best I could, letting the doughy taste mix with the sugar on my tongue as I would as a kid, but it wasn’t long before the first doughnut had gone!

Thank god I’d had the sense to get two out if the freezer!


Look, this one even has its own little doughnut face!

For my second doughnut I decided to revisit my childhood and paired them with some chocolate dessert sauce. I remember how I’d always get my doughnuts with a chocolate dipping sauce and wanted to recreate that. The combination of the two was fantastic and a nice trip down memory lane, but I have to say I preferred these on their own in the end.


These Feel Free doughnuts are a real first for the free from market and I’m grateful to have been able to try them. The taste is exactly as a doughnut should be, and aside from the unconventional storage method (I don’t think I’ve ever seen frozen doughnuts before) you really couldn’t tell that these are gluten free,  especially not in the taste.

I’d love to see the range expanded, perhaps with an option with a jam centre. It would also be great to have a larger packet available or mini versions if you’re having a party ( I think these would be great for kids!). Otherwise, these are near perfection and I urge you all to get your hands on some… really won’t regret it!

You can purchase these doughnuts via Feel Free’s online store. They cost £3.99 for a pack of 4 and delivery costs up to £8.65 (for a frozen courier) but is free for orders over £40.


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