Simply delicious Apple Crumble

Like most people, Apple Crumble is a childhood favourite of mine. I’ve tried many different variations over the years and in particular since my Coeliac diagnosis, but I keep coming back to this recipe. It’s the one passed on to me by my Nan after we made my first apple crumble together when I was little. It’s simple, doesn’t need any complicated substitutions to make it gluten free and tastes delicious!! I think it tastes best served with Ambrosia Devonshire Custard ๐Ÿ˜‰



3-4 Bramley Cooking Apples
125g granulated sugar
115g salted butter
225g gluten free plain flour ( I use Dove’s Farm )
2 tbsp water
Custard to serve

1. Peel and slice the apples. Place them in a pan of cold water as you go along to prevent them from browning until you have sliced all of the apples.

2. Drain the water. Add 50g of the sugar to the pan.


3. Heat on a medium heat, stirring, until the apples turn to mush. Remove from the heat and tip into your ovenproof dish.

4. In a bowl add the flour, butter and the rest of the sugar. With your finger tips, rub the ingredients together until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs ( this will only take a couple of minutes but if you prefer, you can whizz it up in a mixer ).


5. Pour the crumble mixture over the top of the apples, spreading evenly.


6. Bake in the oven at 200 ยฐ C for 10-15 minutes or until the apples start to bubble and the crumble has hardened.


7. If you wish you can place the crumble under the grill for a few minutes to brown the topping, but watch it doesn’t burn.

8. Serve with delicious hot custard.


This really is a great simple recipe that’s perfect for those cold winter evenings, and even better served after a yummy Sunday roast! If you give this recipe a try I’d love to know how you get on!


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