Walkers Scottish Shortbread


Last year Walker’s announced they were going to be launching two gluten free versions of their shortbread, and promptly made Coeliac’s across the UK incredibly happy! A long-time family favourite for many, their all-butter shortbreads seemed to be a distant memory for gluten free folk, so this was welcome news.

I have to admit though, it’s taken until now for me to try them myself! At first you could only order online through their website (and stock didn’t last long), before I spotted them early summer in Whole Foods London. I resisted the temptation to buy them then, but on my first day back in the UK post-holiday, I found them by chance in Waitrose. No hesitation this time, I picked up a pack of both the chocolate chip and plain shortbread.


These are amazing. Simply no other way to describe them, they taste exactly as I remember all-butter shortbread to taste! They taste rich and creamy, and surprisingly there’s hardly any crumble to them, which makes them fantastic for dipping in your tea! Looking at the ingredients, it’s clear to see why these taste so much like the real thing- there’s no fussy ingredients in here, instead just simple free from alternatives (list of ingredients can be found below). As they say themselves on their website:

‘The range contains no artificial flavourings or colourings, contains no genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)contains no hydrogenated fatsis suitable for vegetarians and is certified OUD Kosher.’

What’s more, these products are certified by Coeliac UK so there’s no question whether their production methods are safe or not. Great piece of mind for Coeliacs!


The range is new to Waitrose, with an introductory price of £1.87 per pack (until 29/09/15), after which the price will be £2.50. Honestly, I think they’re worth this price!

The full range, including shortbread rounds, lemon & ginger and chocolate chip, can be found on Walker’s website: http://www.walkersshortbread.com/uk/about/gluten-free/ where you can also purchase them (same cost as Waitrose unless you bulk buy). You can also see their new gluten free snack packs, which I really hope will be picked up by retailers across the UK. These would be fantastic to find out & about, and even better if they could be offered by airlines as part of gluten free meals! We can only hope (and maybe hint a lot over on Twitter…..).

Thank you Walker’s, for making such a delicious product available for Coeliacs once more. I can only hope this range expands and is made widely available.

I’d love to know what you think of these products, and if you’ve found them available from any other retailers, please let me know!

Ingredients and Nutritional information:



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