My favourite gluten free snacks

I think I snack more than I eat main meals. Usually it’s boredom eating (especially at work) but also when I’m on the go I love to pick something up. Savoury snacks are my favourite, but I do have a sweet tooth as well. Here’s a few of my favourite gluten free snacks, some new and some old.

Perk!er Oaty Cranberry & Cashew bar


Perk!er have taken a new, wholesome direction with their products and this year launched their sprouted bars with quinoa. They have five bar flavours, with the newest being the Coconut and Chia seed bar they launched at the Allergy Show London this year. My favourite though is the Oaty Cranberry & Cashew bar, a new firm favourite in my handbag on days out. Click here for a list of their stockists.

Gratify Gluten Free Snacks



I stumbled across these one day in Tesco and I’m glad I picked up a bag. They have a large range of products online, but so far I’ve only found their Sesame Pretels and Herb Crackers. These would be great to put out at a party or when you have friends over, as they don’t taste any different and the bags are a good size. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to see their chocolate covered pretzels avaialble too.

Wellaby’s Simple Bakes


I only came across these at the Allergy Show earlier this month but Oh My God they’re amazing! Baked rather than fried, they’re much lighter and less greasy than other gluten free crisps. The Sweet Chilli flavour is my favourite and reminds me of how Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps taste (my absolute favourite before Coeliac). They make a nice change to the more plain offerings you usually get, and best of all they’re nut free too!

Peckish Rice Crackers


This is a new snack I’ve recently come across in Tesco (currently on offer for 2 for Β£2). A large multi-pack with five individual packets inside, they’re again perfect for popping into your bag when heading out. They come in four flavours: Sour Cream & Chive, Cheddar Cheese, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Tangy BBQ. Made from rice, they’re a different texture to crisps but much lighter. I’ve tried the Sour Cream & Chive and Cheddar Cheese and both taste delicious!

Schar Custard Creams


By far my favourite biscuits in the gluten free market, as they just taste so damn good! They’re so much like the originals and remind me of my childhood. Inside the box they come in handy sealed packs of two, which make them perfect for transporting where needed. I pick mine up from Tesco and they’re also avaialble in Sainsbury’s.

Pret Crisped Kale chips


I’m not a big fan of Kale chips but I love the ones from Pret! The simple rosemary and olive oil seasoning is perfect, and the nutritional yeast that’s added gives it a lovely cheesy taste. Not only do these not contain any gluten ingredients, they’re also vegan. I usually pick some up alongside some coconut water as a great post-gym snack for my commute home.

Pret Granola pots


Pret have recently made all of their bircher muesli and granola pots gluten free- Coeliacs rejoice! This is a great move by Pret and one that’s greatly welcomed, in addition to their gluten free and dairy free Five-Grain Porridge. They even have dairy free coconut yoghurt as part of the offering! Available all day, they’re a great little sweet snack to pick up on the go and there’s enough choice to keep everyone happy. Thanks Pret!

Nakd Bars


These are one of the snacks that are available in my office and I LOVE them! Bakewell Tart is my favourite flavour and I’m ashamed to say I hoard them in my drawer as they disappear so quickly. They recently launched a new flavour, Carrot Cake, which is equally amazing. As you can find these bars pretty much everywhere, they’re really handy if you’re on the go.
Tip: Heat the Cashew Cookie bar in the microwave for a few seconds, it tastes divine.

Graze Snacks

I used to get Graze boxes delivered to my office, so I was pleased to see these being launched as an on-the-go snack in stores last year. Smokehouse BBQ Crunch is by far my favourite as I love the flavours. Not all are gluten free (they don’t claim this but they don’t have any ingredients in them), so double check, but they’re now available in Sainsbury’s, Boots and WH Smith stores. I usually stock up at the airport and take them away with me as a hotel snack when I’m travelling with work.
Tip:Β Some places are now selling larger bags of the snacks, so keep an eye out!




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