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I started this blog to share my experiences as a Coeliac in the hope that I’d be able to help other people, whether it’s at the time of a new diagnosis, or re-finding their feet with their gluten free diet. I love creating new recipes, trying new products and generally discussing all things gluten free!

I was diagnosed just before my 21st birthday in 2010, after a 5 year battle with doctors to get to the bottom of why I just never felt well. Until I had my full blood tests carried out, I had never put all of my symptoms together to look at the bigger picture- that the illnesses  I was experiencing weren’t just a case of being prone to illness, but rather that they were all connected. I strongly believe that my Coeliac was brought on by a period of stress in my life when I was 16.

It took me quite a while to come to terms with my diagnosis, so much so that it took a month before I changed my diet, just so I could binge on the foods I would never eat again! On one hand, it was fantastic to finally find out what had been wrong with my for so long, but the prospect of a life-long gluten free diet was SCARY.


Now, I enjoy finding new products or experimenting with new recipes. I’ve perfected my cupcake recipe, learnt to love Quinoa and have begun my polenta journey! Even in the years since my diagnosis, the range of products available and the number of restaurants offering gluten free menus has increased dramatically. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all provide such wealth of support and knowledge that it’s impossible to feel along on this journey.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just gluten free!

Read about my full journey here

Disclaimer: From time to time I am contacted by companies and receive products to try and review. I will only ever write a 100% honest opinion about these products, whether my review is positive or negative. Everything you read here is completely my opinion and my own words. I will always credit any authors, fellow bloggers, fellow Tweeps etc etc who have influenced a post or passed on information to me. 


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